Our reputation speaks for itself. Simply stated, we provide reliable services and exceptional results.

Asphalt Paving

From entire parking lots to highways, Howell & Simmons asphalt paving projects have made their mark across the Lowcountry. No project is too big or too small for our experienced crew.  One of our project managers meets with you to evaluate the scope of work then determine the most effective and efficient plan for your budget.

Concrete Finishing

Finishing concrete is a skill set of all its own.  Mastering this craft requires years of practice and patience.  We refer to these professionals as our “concrete craftsmen”. Poor concrete work may not only decrease the visual appeal of the area, but also can also wear and crack easier and more often.  Whether you need a parking lot, curb, sidewalk or another form of concrete work, count on our “concrete craftsmen” to not just get it done – but get it done right.

Site Maintenance

Settling and potholes can be caused by frequent rain, heavy products being stored, high volumes of traffic and a number of other variables.  Often, only the portion affected needs to be replaced.  Simmons provides a full range of maintenance services to help restore the area just like new.

Full Site Prep – Clearing, Grading and Drainage

Need to clear and prep the site before applying asphalt or pouring concrete?  From tree and debris removal to grading and drainage, we evaluate your needs and develop a plan to ensure the best possible results.  Too many parking lots and businesses experience flooding and drainage problems after heavy rain.  We address this before it becomes a problem!

Serving the construction and paving contractor needs of the entire Charleston, SC area!